Hi welcome to our blog about Lombok and beyond. As the name imply this blog will help you to find and recognizing Lombok Island and beyond with anything that related to it. We try to give you more reliable and updated information, hopefully it will be useful and giving more reference especially for those who want to visit and
Nipah view

Nipah view

discover the island or just trying to find new destination for holiday. Lombok is a beautiful island where its beauty mostly still hidden and undiscovered, only few places have been known and established and there are still more untouched. The Lombok indigenous Sasak people are majority Muslim, they boast thousands of Mosques on the island and observe their own culture and tradition devoutly that inherited from their predecessor. On the other hand the Hindu Balinese community that has been living on Lombok for generations date back to kingdoms era remain observe their own tradition too, featuring numbers of Temples that mostly located in the west of Lombok. It makes Lombok even more interesting with its unique culture that are affected by two different background of tradition and religious communities. Both have been coexisting in peace and harmony for many years and generations symbolizing high tolerance among the people. So it is not wrong when people are saying “You can see Bali in Lombok but you can’t see Lombok in Bali” Because the Lombok Hindu Balinese community remain practicing and maintaining the same culture and tradition as passed down by their forefather that once
Sunset at Senggigi

Sunset at Senggigi

came from Bali. Apart from that Lombok nature just awesome, it has the second highest volcano in Indonesia, has around 25 gilis that mostly still undeveloped beautiful beaches that are still hidden, snorkeling, diving and surfing spots that are waiting to be discovered. So Lombok just has something for everyone specially for nature lovers. So through this blog we invite you to come and share the potential and beauty of the island. For more information please feel free to contact us. Finally we are looking forward to see you and thank you very much.
Lombok and Beyond

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