Lombok Island

Lombok island is an Island in Indonesian territorial among around 17.508 islands that scattered around indonesian archipelago. Lombok just located further eastern of the popular Bali island that can be accessed easily by sea or air, it is

Lombok map

Lombok map

around 70 km across and has a total area about 4.725 km²  . It has around three million population and the area divided into

four Regencies and one municipality area. Mataram is the  biggest city on the Island and forming the capital city of West nusa tenggara province where Lombok is part of it. Lombok is inhabited mostly by Sasak people, where they are the indigenous ethnic group on the island. Islam is the main religion that affect the culture and tradition of lombok people.Balinese is the second biggest ethnic group that mostly living in the west part of the island that still embrace and practice Hindu religion as their forefather once came from Bali. Chinese,Arab and some other indonesian ethnic groups also make up the population of lombok.

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Lombok island among Indonesian archipelago