Mandalika Market

Mandalika market

Mandalika market

Mandalika market is the biggest traditional market on the Island where people from other region buy things and stuffs to be sold again in the market in their area. The stuffs range from Daily necessity, foods, fruits, spices, handicraft, and other things that mostly needed every day by local people. The market starts in the morning and opens for all day long it separates it from mostly only open in the morning. The market located in sweta region part of Mataram area. Just the opposite of the market is the biggest bus terminal on the Island that cater service to all regions around the Island, and even for long distance transport to other Islands like to Bali, Java or Sumbawa.


Tanjung luar fish Market

Tanjung Luar is located in east coast of Lombok Island east Lombok Regency. It is well-known with its biggest fish market on the Island. Many kind of fish sold in this Market every morning mostly by auction way. The extraordinary of this fish market is you will be able to see many kind of fish caught by local fishermen from the small ones until big sharks, mantas and other kind of big fish that cannot be found easily in other market on the Island. Early at dawn the fishermen starts busy to unload their fish directly from their boat to the market and slice them while waiting for buyers. Normally before noon the fish will be sold out and the market gradually will be quiet.

Tanjung luar fish market

Tanjung luar morning fish market