Benang stokel & kelambu waterfalls

benang Kelambu

benang Kelambu

Benang Kelambu waterfall is located in Aik berik village sub district of Batu Kliang Central Lombok Regency. It is forming the second waterfall in the area after Benang stokel waterfall. It can be reached in 25 minutes walking from the parking area through forest and farm land of the farmers that living around the village. It is a good place to do soft trekking and Enjoy beautiful nature with these beautiful waterfalls.



Sendang gila waterfall

engang gila and Tiukelep waterfall

Sengang gila and Tiukelep waterfall

Sendang Gila waterfall is located in the foothill of mount Rinjani in Senaru village. It is located about 500 m above sea level and forming the closest waterfall in the area among the others that located deeper in the forest. The waterfall is an easy 20 minutes walk down a graded trail and steps from Senaru village. The second waterfall is Tiu Kelep, where 25 minutes walk further upriver from sendang gila needed. The scramble over rocks through the tropical forest is rewarded by the beauty of a waterfall and a swim in its natural pool. Both attract many domestic and foreign visitors annually because of the good access from the main tourism areas on the island.