Here are some common snorkeling programs:

A. Gili nanggu

Snorkeling at G nanggu

Snorkeling at Gili nanggu

The tour leave at 09:00 O’clock, drive to tawun coastal village where we will take out trigger boat crossing to gili nanggu. Gili nanggu is one of the best places for snorkeling with the gentle sea and easy access snorkeling spots, beautiful fish and very good for beginners.


B. Three gilis (Terawangan, Meno, and Air)

Snorkeling at gili air

Snorkeling at gili air

The tour will leave at 09:00 O’clock, and you will take the out trigger boat at senggigi beach. First we will go to gili trawangan snorkeling spot, then gili meno and finally gili air. Then heading back to the hotel.




The programs above is based on the common programs, but if you want to discover other spots of snorkeling because Lombok has more than that we also serve custom-tailored snorkeling trip based on your order. Please tell us your interest and expectation.

Lombok and Beyond


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