Hi guys here are some tips I want to share with you in order you can enjoy your time in Lombok and beyond and avoiding inconvenience:
  • Advisable to arrange your transport before your arrival through air or sea to avoid dealing with touts and scalpers in the airport or harbor, especially if you are new comer.
  • Bargaining is the common thing and has been a culture in the society, so you have to do it too to avoid spending too much for something that are not worth to.
  • When you buy a tour program find out if the entrance, local guide and equipments needed are inclusive or not in the package in order you do not get misunderstanding and be disappointed later at the end  .
  • You really cannot rely on land public transport on the island, except for short distance or if you don’t mind to waste your time on long waiting and changing transport all the way as they mostly have only restricted route.
  • If you want to rent a car or scooter, ensure that you read and agree the conditions written on the agreement paper. And commonly you should leave an ID or passport to the leaser along your renting period and you can take it back when you return it.
  • If you rent something specially scooter, advisable always to put or park your scooter locked and in attended place to avoid stealing.
  • Almost in every interesting objects there will be always fees that should be paid, it can be entrance ticket or expected voluntary donation, even in some objects you need to pay for local guide. So find out when you visit an object as different object will be different rule.
  • The Lombok people are majority Muslim so advisable to wear proper dress in the public area to avoid people being offended. Although basically Lombok people are very friendly, moderate and high tolerance.

Lombok and beyond


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